• Succeeding at your goals becomes that much easier simply by using a South Pacific Personal Trainer
  • Avoid 'down' days by having the extra accountability only a Personal Trainer can provide
  • All of our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies

Personal Training

South Pacific Health Clubs Personal Trainers offer a first class professional service.

Our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies regarding exercise prescription, functional anatomy, fitness testing and training principles and are all registered with Fitness Australia.

Whether you are training for a sport, a challenging outdoor activity or aiming to reach a special goal, the time spent with your personal trainer will provide you with a game plan for success.

Save time by having a thorough workout pre planned by your trainer and on those "flat" tiresome days, your personal trainer will be there to push and motivate you.

Our trainers can help you obtain your goals and maintain motivation.

We plan and execute nutrition strategies, workouts and provide attention over specific problems such as obesity and injuries.


How much Personal training do I need?

The frequency of PT depends on you and your goals. Whatever your training needs, your Personal Trainer can provide the guidance, motivation and knowledge to help you achieve your results.

Here are 10 great reasons why personal training is awesome
  1. Motivation
  2. Accountability
  3. Individualised programs
  4. Efficiency (a 30 minute workout can be just as beneficial as a 60 minute workout when structured in the right way)
  5. Improves technical skills
  6. Helps you to break through plateaus
  7. Gives you access to a wealth of knowledge
  8. You learn how to improve your own training
  9. Workout safely
  10. You will get results


Results start when you do!

Meet the Trainers

Nick Brockbank

- Strength And Conditioning
- Body Composition Analysis
- Weight Loss And Management
- Lean Muscle Gain
- High Intensity Circuit Training
- Boxing Level 2

Nick has a strong passion for fitness which has been enhanced through his own journey. Throughout his journey he has gained knowledge and experience in areas such as strength and conditioning, weight management, nutrition and motivation. Using this experience he can help you achieve your goals as he understands what is required to achieve them and the challenges you may face on the way.
“Working together we can improve your overall health and fitness, which in my experience, can improve your entire life.”

Olivia McGaw

- Boxing Trainer And Kempo Mixed Martial Arts
- Weight Loss And Interval Training Techniques
- Resistance, Weight Training Specialist For Muscle Mass
- Flexibility & Breathing Applications PNF
- Tai Chi Teacher (Yang Style)
- State Tennis Player

Olivia uses a mix of resistance training and boxing techniques to create a sound body for those looking to drop body fat and gain strength. Olivia uses many modalities to help you gain health and balance. Olivia works with her clients to a level in which they have the body awareness to use through out life. Olivia’s ability to motivate and empower clients gives results with sustainability.
Olivia’s passion for health and wellbeing is infectious.
“Knowledge combined with action equals your owns greatness!”

Ryan Di Cecco

- Boxing

- Muscle Gain And Fat Loss
- Result Based Training
- Lifestyle Transformation

Ryan has an amazing passion for getting results for his clients. Ryan leaves no stone unturned to ensure you enjoy your session, get the results you deserve and feel the best you have ever felt in all areas.
Ryan can tailor programs for you for that special event or for long term lifestyle goals.
“Enjoy what you do and the results will follow!”

Darren James

- Cert IV Fitness
- Rehab Essentials
- Restoring Optimal Core And Pelvis Function

- Rehab Training
- Biomechanics And Strength Training
- Mindfulness

Darren likes nothing more than to help people unearth hidden skills abilities in their training, whether that be within body weight training, weight lifting or achieving a fluid body movement. Darren always uses a mind body approach within his training incorporates meditation, breathing active stretching techniques to get you the results you want. Darren is also trained in risk assessing injuries, movement re-education, myofascial release injury management, so if you have any niggling injuries preventing you from getting the most out of your training then get in touch. Darren wants to help people move better, find their rhythm flow whilst training to link physical progress to an overall health wellbeing transformation.
“Embrace the Journey!”

Kristian Bussau

- Essa Accredited Exercise Scientist
- Bachelor Of Exercise Science Human Movement

- Rehabilitation
- Strength And Conditioning

Kristian finished his degree in 2016 and has completed two internships. He worked alongside an exercise physiologist learning how to work with clients requiring rehabilitation the other with a sports performance facility. Kristian has an excellent client focussed approach to members of all ages & abilities.
“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started”

Mark Anthony

- Cert 3 Fitness
- Cert 4 Fitness
- Level 1 & 2 Boxing

- Sport Specific Training
- Strength And Weight Loss Programs
- Kickboxing And Mixed Martial Arts

Mark has competed in two Olympic games representing Australia in Judo. Mark placed 7 th in 2008 Games. In keeping with his sports based passion, Mark excels in high level boxing mixed martial arts training for all skill levels.
“Learn to train to get results”

Daniel Timlock

- Weight Loss
- Sports Conditioning
- Weight Lifting / Body Building
- Body Sculpting

- Diploma of Counselling
- Tennis Coach

Dan takes a holistic approach to his training, he believes a healthy body creates a healthy mind and vice versa. When you meet Dan you will love his energetic personality. With over 13 years experience in weightlifting, sports conditioning and body sculpting, he will help you build the strongest version of yourself. With this experience also comes knowledge in injury prevention and creating a structurally sound physique is the key to any sports or fitness goals

Fleur Gamble

- Strength and Conditioning
- Weight Loss
- Overall Fitness Adaptation

- AWF Olympic Weightlifting Coach
- MMA Kickboxing Level 2
- Crossfit Level 1

Fleur is an enthusiastic, highly-qualified fitness trainer who is passionate about motivating her clients to achieve their goals. She believes that training sessions are an opportunity to learn about fitness, health and well-being. She is energetic, and her training sessions are individualized and focussed on improving overall strength and functional condition. The style of training Fleur uses also increases fat loss and improves athletic performance. Her specialties include dynamic resistance training, Olympic weightlifting and power lifting, boxing and mixed martial arts and metabolic conditioning. Fleur can train any person for any goal and she helps you get results!

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